Summer Workshops Engage Educators in the Arts

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT is at the core of LCI's acclaimed practice. It is a critical element in the implementation of such federal, state, and local initiatives as the Common Core Standards. Currently, it is offered to teachers in K-12 schools and teacher educators at colleges and universities. Workshops are developed and taught by Institute staff and teaching artists.

Click International Educator Workshops to go to the page where you can download our complete 2013 Introductory or Advanced brochure. You will also find specific information pages for each site that hosted the Workshops around the nation in 2013. This will give you an idea of what you might expect from a Workshop if you decide to join us in 2014.


What 2013 Participants Say About the Summer Workshops

“I teach math. When I first came to LCI, I was looking for something I couldn’t quite identify. Now, I cannot begin to count the many ideas that these artistic experiences have given me, and how they make my math class come alive.”
—Tamara Vassella, Teacher, Technology, Arts and Science Studies

In New York alone, 132 participants attended introductory and advanced workshops over two weeks, many of them earning P-credit. We welcomed educators and artists from across the country as well as Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Korea, and Switzerland. Participants were treated to an exciting menu of different performances, each serving as the focus of their observation, linked to and supported by our Capacities for Imaginative Learning.

Eunmi Im, from Seoul, Korea, said: “It’s not easy to arrange these voyages. I had attended the intro in 2007 and never gave up on the hope of coming back for more, it was just that important to me. And here I am.”

Among the events that made the social media sizzle was the appearance by Maxine Greene, who was introduced by Executive Director Russell Granet and spoke to the participants both weeks. Many sent us comments saying they had heard the philosopher years ago and had been indelibly impressed by her. “So amazing to hear her today!” tweeted Hilary Dow Ward, classical-music radio DJ from Memphis, TN. “I’m speechless—that’s a first!” And Grisselle Soto Vélez, of Universidad Interamericana in Puerto Rico, concurred: “She is my art education hero! Love her!”

“I was here last year. This is my vacation, and I want to come to as many classes as possible.”
Linda Kouril, Spanish Teacher, Wardlaw-Hartridge School, New Jersey.

“Absolutely the best professional development program I have taken. It has allowed me to grow as a school counselor.”
Mitchell Thompson, Teachers College, Columbia University, via Facebook