New Partnership with Bronx High School for Law and Community Service

March, 20 2012

Beata Moon and Steven Herring performing in American Art SongBeata Moon and Steven Herring performing in American Art SongThe Bronx High School for Law and Community Service in Fordham was recently featured in the Daily News as it celebrated its successful ascent to grade B, from the D it got in 2010. We had good reason to rejoice in their victory: the school had just become LCI’s newest partner.

The principal, Michael Barakat, views the partnership as a part of his school’s ongoing improvement efforts. He is well versed in LCI’s approach to education: he has worked with us in the past, as a member of the planning team for the Renaissance High School for Musical Theater and Technology, and eventually as Renaissance’s teacher of music and Italian.

Incidentally, Mr. Barakat is also well acquainted with Steven Herring, the baritone who, alongside pianist Beata Moon, will present American Art Song at the school. Mr. Barakat and Mr. Herring are both Juilliard graduates. American Art Song will be the first work of art from LCI’s repertory to come to the Bronx High School for Law and Community Service, as the focus of the first collaborative unit of study.

LCI’s initial work, scheduled for March/April, will involve two English Language Arts teachers, four classes, and four teaching artists. On March 1, the two teachers will attend a professional development workshop at LCI.

In the Daily News interview, Mr. Barakat spoke proudly of his students’ much improved graduation rate this year, and added: “our focus now is college and career.”

LCI looks forward to contributing to the realization of this goal.


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